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When it comes to shopping for a new raised air bed, it can mean a big decision for some people. Just like shopping for a car, laptop, mp3 player or a washer, you need to do your homework before deciding which mattress to look for. It means several hundred dollars of savings or a peaceful night sleep. If you take into mind the amount of time you spend onto it, shopping for a mattress is really virtually no small task! online bedding providers provide quality You may or may not have bought a mattress before. Consumer research has found that most people change their mattress each and every five to seven years. Hence, it is not surprise not many people are able to compare includes and specifications as well as a hand phone or a mp3 player. Here are some tips to get you started. Mattress Size First, you must know what kind of mattress size you want. There are several options in this article, from single, twin, princess or queen to California king mattress. The bigger the mattress, a lot more it will costs you. In the event that space and your budget grant, I would recommend you to go for the largest mattress as it is more relaxed and luxurious. Do make sure your bed set is able to provide the size you want. Mattress Type You have several options when it comes to deciding on a mattress. Air Mattresses, futon, latex and memory mattress would be the four most common types around. Each has its own usage and purposes. If you are planning to go for your camping, an air mattress will probably be practical as it is easily lightweight. A futon would be great for guest use whereas latex mattresses are a good choice if you are prone to allergies. Memory is somewhat more heat sensitive and is well suited for those who want a mattress that may be neither too hot not too cold. The last thing you should know is that the salesperson attending to you is on a commission basis. They will say whatever they will to commit you to a buy. Remember ask for any sort of freebies or discounts prior to you agree to the purchase. Make sure the warranty period and read over the fine prints in the terms and conditions of sale. You never know while you are going to need to revert back to these documents when things go wrong.